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Tag: bittorrent

3 Count: Soundcloudy Future

Soundcloud launches Soundcloud go music streaming service, default judgment issued against 3 BitTorrent sites and study shines light on DMCA issues.

3 Count: The Oracle Speaks

Oracle sues Hewlett Packard Enterprise over third-party support, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray leaked and Facebook steps into copyright controversy.

3 Count: Spotify Again…

Spotify sued by another songwriter, Miami street artists file lawsuit against megachurch and 4 Hungarians face criminal charges in warez ring.

3 Count: Liquid 7

Hong Kong pushes for new copyright legislation, Denmark's largest torrent site, NextGen, shutters and Prenda Law attorney forced to liquidate assets.

3 Count: RockDizJail

RockDizMusic owner sentenced to three years in prison, Popcorn Time makes partial return and Sky Broadband customers warned of copyright letters.

3 Count: YIFY Popcorn

MPAA shutters YIFY, YTS and Popcorn Time, Demonii to close soon and tattoo of Frankenstein's monster sparks copyright fight.

3 Count: Buttered Popcorn

Main Popcorn Time fork goes down permanently as developers launch a new project, Beyonce emerges victorious in XO lawsuit.

3 Count: Out of Popcorn

Popcorn Time and YTS suffer significant outage, India's Supreme Court rules you can't copyright titles and Janet Jackson takes down concert photos on Instagram.

3 Count: Dirty Legal Dancing

BrowserPopcorn shuts down shortly after starting, Big Pimpin' trial expected to go to the jury and TD Ameritrade wants dismissal of Dirty Dancing case.

3 Count: Survivor Suit

Popcorn Time users sued in Portland, Dallas Buyers Club decides to regroup, not appeal, in Australian and EMI offers sampling amnesty.