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Tag: attorneys fees

3 Count: Stairway to Lemonade

Kirtsaeng returns to the Supreme Court, Led Zeppelin plaintiffs severely limited at trial and Beyonce embraces collaboration and songwriter credit.

3 Count: Technobabble Litigation

CBS and Paramount respond to request for specifics in Axanar case, judge in Blurred Lines case reluctant to give attorney fees and more...

3 Count: Supreme Court Revisit

Kirtsaeng case to head back to the Supreme Court over legal fees, Beastie Boys settle with Monster Energy and 50 Cent wins 'I Get Money' case.

3 Count: Spam Flood

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing begins, Victor Willis of the Village People wins attorneys fees in termination case and Google has a new spam problem.

3 Count: Spaced Oddity

Marvel seeks the identity of a potential trailer leaker, Space Oddity cover is back on YouTube and court hits frivolous plaintiff with 85k in legal costs.

3 Count: Second Failure

KTVU starts DMCAing videos of its famous gaffe, Prenda suffers another setback and Finland to vote on new crowdsourced legislation.

3 Count: Extra Sanctions

Prenda Law is racking up $1,000 daily in new sanctions, Scroll Kit hit with C&Ds from NYT and Latvian teacher raided over online book infringement.

3 Count: Judgment Day

Judge comes down hard on Prenda Law, Dr. Phil sues Gawker over show clip and former G.I. Joe script writers sue Paramount.