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3 Count: Google Doubleheader

Supreme Court declines to hear Google Book Search case, Google and Oracle fail to settle Java dispute and Amazon introduces monthly Amazon Prime pricing.

3 Count: German Shepherding

YouTube found not liable in Germany, US Commerce department wants lower copyright penalties in the U.S. and Amazon seeks to create a Spotify killer.

3 Count: Chicken Salad

TVEyes loses a key decision in its case against Fox News, YouTube to launch its video game streaming site and you can't copyright a chicken sandwich. Sorry.

3 Count: International Shipment

Kim Dotcom loses appeal to keep his data in New Zealand, Miguel gives Billy Corgan songwriting credit and NPR leaves the MIC Coalition.

3 Count: Rare Victory

SiriusXM gets a rare win in its battle over pre-1972 sound recordings, Nike Jumpman lawsuit is dismissed and Amazon changes royalties for lent ebooks.

3 Count: Somebody to Sue

Justin Bieber and Usher must now face Somebody to Love lawsuit, UK court rules against format shifting law Amazon reveals new facts in Gronking case.

3 Count: Canadian Defeat

Google suffers legal defeat in Canada, CODE act met with a divisive response and Beyonce is sued for $7 million over XO.

3 Count: I Don’t Know… Third Base

Cloudflare ordered to stop serving the new Grooveshark, Amazon leaves the MIC coalition and Who's On First becomes the center of a broadway dispute.

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 358 – Aereo’s Ending

This week on the Copyright 2.0 Show, we look at the end of the Aereo case and the beginning of a new bill on radio royalties.

3 Count: Shark Fin Soup

Grooveshark closes as it settles cases against record labels, US Trade Rep releases Special 301 report and erotic ebook cover leads to a lawsuit.