3 Copyright Abuses That Harm Creators

While copyright abuse is not as serious of a problem as some would lead you to believe, it is a problem and it's one that harms creators too.

3 Areas of Focus for Plagiarism Education

With the return to school I've been focusing heavily on academic plagiarism. We've looked at the accidental plagiarism excuse, discussed how to use a...

Why Do Students Not Understand Plagiarism?

Recent research seems to indicate that students, despite information available, don't understand plagiarism adequately. Why is that the case?

Plagiarism In Pop Culture: Criminal Minds

The team of Criminal Minds may battle a lot of sick and twisted killers, but what happens when they had to catch a serial plagiarist/murder?

3 Count

3 Count: Roc-A-Fella

Judge rules designer not owed royalties for Roc-A-Fella logo, composer attempting to get more royalties from 50 Cent and Cloudflare in the crosshairs.

3 Count: Stream Ripping

Recorded music industry teams up to sue YouTube-mp3.org, Canadian t-shirt designer gets c&d over stadium and sculpture and Vita developer tries kindness.

3 Count: Jared Letdown

Jared Leto loses lawsuit against TMZ over Taylor Swift video, Uploaded can not ignore 'spam' copyright notices and Nazi anthem at core of YouTube dispute.

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Understanding Copyright on YouTube

YouTube's copyright system is both complicated and convoluted, but here's a short breakdown of how it works and how to work within it.

Lewis Bond Lawsuit Dismissed

One of the key YouTube lawsuits has been dismissed as composer Wendy Carlos has voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit against YouTuber Lewis Bond.

H3H3 Lawsuit Update: FAQs #1

With the recent activity in the H3H3 lawsuit, several of you asked questions about the case that I'll attempt to answer in this video.

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