Cheating, Copyright and Pokemon Go

As video games have shifted from selling boxed copies to microtransactions, so to has the copyright fight, creating some unexpected results.

Plagiarism in Pop Culture: Cheers

One fateful day in 1986, plagiarism came to Cheers as Diane accuses Sam of plagiarizing a poem he published, setting up a unique story around the subject.

Speaking at WordCamp New Orleans

On August 13, I'll be speaking in front of WordCamp NOLA, a local gathering of WordPress enthusiasts and my first time speaking before a local audience.

The 3 Best Sites for Free, Legal Stock Photos

Finding free and legal stock photos can be a real challenge. However, these three sites offer libraries of high-quality and free-to-use images.

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3 Count: I So Hunted…

3 Count: Kickass Reborn

Kickass Torrents come back, in clone form at least, Beyonce hits back at Lemonade lawsuit and cable industry responds to FCC set top box proposal.

3 Count: Additional Casualties

EFF sues alleging DMCA anti-circumvention violates First Amendment, Solarmovie shuts down following KAT closure and artists accuse Zara of infringement.

3 Count: Kickass Down

Kickass Torrents seized and owner arrested, U.S. Navy accused of large scale software piracy and Justin Timberlake responds to Damn Girl lawsuit.

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H3H3 Lawsuit Update: Motion to Dismiss

The H3H3 lawsuit is heading up as the defendants have filed a motion to dismiss,hoping to get this YouTube lawsuit dismissed on a technicality.

Understanding Capitol Records v. Vimeo

What happens with the DMCA collides with pre-1972 sound recordings? A huge copyright mess and a ruling that could impact countless websites.

Another YouTube Copyright Lawsuit – Lewis Bond

Another week, another YouTube copyright laws. This one has the composer behind A Clockwork Orange suing YouTuber Lewis Bond over a mini-documentary.

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