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1: Nvidia, Databricks Sued in Latest AI Copyright Class Actions

First off, today, Kyle Jahner at Bloomberg Law reports that four authors have filed class action lawsuits against Nvidia Corp and Databricks Inc., alleging that the companies unlawfully used their work to train AI systems.

Authors Andre Dubus III, Susan Orlean, Rebecca Makkai and Jason Reynolds filed the two nearly identical cases in the Northern District of California. The lawsuits allege that the companies illegally added their writing to datasets used to train various AI systems.

The lawsuits join dozens of others filed against AI companies. The cases seek class-action status to allow more authors to join them. Nvidia said that it respects the rights of creators and that its systems were trained within the boundaries of the law. Other AI companies have claimed that such training is fair use.

2: Nintendo’s DMCA Operation Continues With Lockpick, Kezplez-nx Takedowns

Next up today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that Nintendo has filed at least another 200 takedowns daily as part of an ongoing effort to shutter projects that enable emulation of Nintendo Switch games.

The effort began in earnest earlier this month. After securing a settlement from the makers of Yuzu, a Switch emulator, the project went offline. However, dozens of clone versions arose, and Nintendo filed a takedown notice removing some 8,500 repos connected with Switch emulation.

Now, that effort continues, with Nintendo filing at least 200 takedowns daily, targeting tools that provide access to Switch encryption keys. The latest round includes Kezplez-nx and Lockpick, two projects that aim to enable the emulation of Switch games on different hardware.

3: Stability AI, Midjourney Should Face Artists’ Copyright Case, Judge Says

Finally today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that a California judge has indicated that he will likely allow a lawsuit against several major AI companies to move forward after plaintiffs showed that infringement of their work was plausible.

The case involves a group of illustrators and targets Stability, Midjourney, DeviantArt and Runway AI. The illustrators allege that the companies used their artwork to train AI systems, infringing their copyright. The AI companies have claimed that their actions are fair use.

However, the judge did not address fair use issues, saying those were questions for the next phase. The judge did say that he would dismiss some of the artists’ claims but allow others, including trademark issues, to move forward.

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