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1: Dr Luke and Juice WRLD Estate Sued in ‘Not Enough’ Copyright Dispute

First off today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that music producer Dr. Luke and the estate of musician Juice WRLD have been sued by Pierre Dejournette, who performs under the name PD Beats, over the 2021 Juice WRLD track Not Enough.

According to the lawsuit, Dejournette is listed as a coauthor on the track in several places, though he alleges that no formal agreement about the ownership of the track was reached. As such, Dejournette claims that he is being denied royalties that he is owed.

Since no formal agreement is in place, Dejournette is claiming an equal share of ownership, which is typical for works of joint authorship that don’t have an existing agreement. Dejournette is asking the court to confirm is ownership claim and force the defendants to offer accounting on the song’s earnings and pay any royalties owed.

2: Sky Asked Govt. to Target Pirate IPTV Resellers via New Dedicated Police Unit

Next up today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that, in Ireland, Sky TV is asking the country to form a “dedicated anti-piracy unit” to target the sale of IP set-top boxes and pirate streaming websites based in the country.

The public/private partnership would mirror one seen in the United Kingdom, where a dedicated police unit targets such sites and services. They would like to see a similar system implemented in Ireland and, to do so, met with a government minister in May 2023.

According to a Sky representative, there are dozens of resellers and services across the country that they would like the government to focus on. However, the nation’s Department of Justice has said it has “no engagement” on this issue.

3: What is Going on in YouTube’s Second Life Community? Creators Accuse Each Other of Stealing Content, Filing False DMCA reports

Finally today, Katie Mather at In the Know reports that YouTubers that are involved with the game Second Life claim that they are being harassed with dubious takedown notices.

The alarm was originally sounded by YouTuber DNSL, who posted on a secondary channel that he had received a copyright removal request against one of his videos. Though he did not name who filed the notice, suspicion immediately fell on Dominic Vanner, better known as Britbong, not only due to his history of filing such notices, but because the claim was over a clip of his voice.

However, while Vanner admitted to filing the notice, he claimed that it was a valid takedown. He states that the clip DNSL uploaded without context or commentary, making it an infringement. However, DNSL and others claim that Vanner is simply using DMCA claims to shutter competitors in the space and is bragging that his targets can’t file counternotices without giving up private information.

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