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1: Humans of Bombay is Suing Another Spinoff. Humans of New York Isn’t Happy

First off today, Annabelle Timsit and Niha Masih at The Washington Post report that the creator of the photography project Humans of New York has expressed frustration over a legal dispute involving two similar projects based in India.

The case involves the Humans of Bombay photography project, which has filed a lawsuit against a similar project entitled People of India. The lawsuit alleges that Humans of India committed copyright infringement, including the copying of dozens of images and elements from the site.

However, the creator of the original Humans of New York project, Brandon Stanton, has spoken out against the lawsuit. He claims that the Humans of Bombay site based on his work, though he opted to allow the project to continue. He now says, “You can’t be suing people for what I’ve forgiven you for,” he said, adding that he allowed their project to continue because he felt it was telling “important stories.” The People of India project has not responded to the lawsuit.

2: Man Faces Prison Sentence for Reselling Hacked Streaming Service Accounts

Next up today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that, in Denmark, authorities have arrested and charged a 29-year-old man for selling access to some 500,000 hacked accounts on various streaming services to grant others unlawful access to the services.

The hacked accounts were likely obtained from a data leaks that impacted users across various platforms. According to authorities, the person in question then took the usernames and passwords of paying customers and sold them to third parties who wanted to access them.

The action was taken by the Danish National Unit for Special Crime. If convicted, the man faces a potential prison sentence for his alleged crimes.

3: Banned YouTuber Allegedly Sending Fake Copyright Strikes to Other Content Creators

Finally today, Jeremy Gan at Dexerto reports that YouTuber 1DNSL claims that a banned YouTuber has been filing copyright claims on his and other YouTube channels dedicated to the virtual world Second Life.

In his video, 1DNSL was careful to not identify the alleged user by name though, since then, it’s been revealed by the community to be the YouTuber BritBong, who is back on YouTube with the name BritBongReturns.

According to the Second Life community, he was banned from both YouTube and Twitch for doxxing other Second Life creators. On his new channel, he’s even posted a video bragging about the copyright strikes, saying that others won’t sue him because they are “too timid” or otherwise incapable of filing the lawsuit.

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