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1: More Writers Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement Over AI Training

First off today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that a second group of authors, including Michael Chabon, have filed a new lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging that the company infringed on their work when developing the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

The lawsuit alleges that, when OpenAI created ChatGPT, they ingested a wide variety of copyright-protected work that was then used to train the system and that system is used to create derivative works, often in the style of or based on the work of a human creator.

The lawsuit follows a similar one filed by another group of authors, which included comedian Sarah Silverman. This latest lawsuit is seeking both an injunction barring OpenAI’s practices and unspecified damages.

2: Internet Archive Files Appeal in Copyright Infringement Case

Next up today, Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly reports that the Internet Archive has formally filed its appeal in the lawsuit over the practice of controlled digital lending and its “National Emergency Library.”

The Internet Archive maintains a collection of physical books that it has scanned and lends out virtually. Though publishers have long claimed this practice was unlawful, it was largely ignored until 2020, when the organization launched its “National Emergency Library”, which removed nearly all lending restrictions. That prompted a group of publishers to file the lawsuit in question.

A judge in that case previously ruled in favor of the publishers and found that the Internet Archive had committed infringement. This led the two sides to craft a consent judgment, that would allow the Internet Archive to appeal that decision without the need for a trial on damages. The Internet Archive, has now filed that appeal, placing the case before the Second Circuit.

3: Toei Drops Copyright Claim on Uncle Roger’s One Piece Video

Finally today, Carla Carreon at Anime Corner reports that Toei Animation, the company behind the popular One Piece anime series, has withdrawn a copyright claim filed against Nigel Ng, better known as Uncle Roger.

Ng is well-known YouTuber who specializes in reviewing Asian food recipes. He posted an episode where he reviewed a curry dish featured in One Piece and was quickly hit with a copyright strike filed by Toei.

This sparked a strong backlash from the Anime community, who feared that the video would be removed despite receiving over 2.3 million views. However, Toei has since withdrawn the copyright claim, allowing the video to stay up and maintain its view count.

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