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1: YouTube is Figuring Out its AI Strategy by Working with Music Labels

First off today, Emilla David at The Verge reports that YouTube has published a blog post detailing its plans for dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) on its platform., including a partnership with Universal Music Group to create an “AI music incubator” that will study the issue.

In the post, YouTube said that it will be working on its Content ID system and policies to better target AI-generated content. This will include new rules around AI and new systems to detect AI content.

The news comes amid reports that Universal is already negotiating with Google, YouTube’s parent, to license artists’ voices and melodies for training AI models. However, details on both that plan and this new collaborative effort around AI are sparse, as all involved are focusing on the need for more research into the topic.

2: ‘Lead’ YouTube Content ID Scammer Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison

Next up today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that an Arizona court has sentenced Webster Batista Fernandez to 46 months in prison following a scam where he and another defendant falsely claimed rights to over 50,000 songs in order to receive revenue from YouTube’s ContentID system.

The two men are alleged to have received more than $23 million in revenue. Of the two men, Fernandez is believed to be both the founder and leader of the operation. He pleaded guilty to the crime in 2022 but asked for a lenient sentence, noting his cooperation.

The judge agreed and accepted his lawyer’s recommendation of just 46 months in prison. In addition to the nearly four years in prison, he will also have three years of supervised release and has been ordered to forfeit all possessions, including money, related to the crimes.

3: Soulja Boy’s Album Removed From Streaming For Copyright Complaint

Finally today, Lavender Alexandria at Hot New Hip Hop reports that musician Soulja Boy has had his most recent album temporarily pulled from streaming services following a copyright claim.

According to Soulja Boy, the album, entitled Soulja Season, was removed from streaming platforms after a producer filed copyright claims on the album. Though he did not specify which track or which beat was at issue, he did say that he had purchased the beat and that this was “the third time this happened.”

Soulja boy went on to add that he may be done with his current producers following this latest issue. Much of the album has been restored, though at least one track remains unavailable for streaming at this time.

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