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1: Photographer Sues Nexstar Media Group Over Copyright Infringement

First off today, Matthew Keys at The Desk reports that photographer Julie Dermansky has filed a lawsuit against Nexstar Media Group, alleging copyright infringement of two photos that she took.

The lawsuit alleges that two separate stations owned by Nexstar used her images. Those images included a photo of the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and a picture of a hand saw. She goes on to say that, while Nexstar did remove the infringing images, they declined to pay for the infringement that had already taken place.

The lawsuit is seeking actual and punitive damages that could be higher than $250,000 per offense. This lawsuit is the latest in a long line for Dermansky, whose cases are usually settled quickly.

2: DJ Paul Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Wild Tornado Video

Next up today, Karan Singh at HipHopDX reports that the company Viral DRM has filed a lawsuit against musician DJ Paul over his posting of a video of a tornado.

According to the lawsuit, the video was recorded by Ronald Emfinger and features a truck being tossed around in a tornado. The video became a viral sensation in early 2022, including being reshared by hip hop artist DJ Paul.

He is now being sued for that resharing, saying that he did not have permission to post it to his social media. The lawsuit further claims that, due in part to his sharing, they were unable to effectively monetize and license the video out to others.

3: PvP Dungeon Crawler Dark and Darker is Out in Early Access Now

Finally today, Tyler Wilde at PCGamer reports that the video game Dark and Darker is out in early access despite an ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit targeting the game.

The case was filed by Nexom, who claimed that the company Ironmace created Dark and Darker using material from an unreleased game they were developing. The result of this is both a pair of lawsuits and the game’s absence from Steam as well as other distribution platforms.

However, the game is available directly from both Ironmace’s website and through an online storefront named Chaf Games. In the meantime, the litigation is ongoing, with Iornmace hoping that the issue will be resolved so that they can restore the game on Steam.

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