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1: Dark and Darker Developer Sued by Nexon for “Copyright Infringement”

First off today, Victoria Kennedy at Eurogamer reports that the Korean video game company Nexom has filed a lawsuit against competitor Ironmace, alleging that the Ironmace game Dark and Darker is a copyright infringement of an earlier game they had been developing.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Washington state, former employees from Nexom took intellectual property with them to develop the game Dark and Darker. Ironmace has repeatedly denied all wrongdoing, saying that any similarities are because the games are in similar genres and use the same third-party components.

The case has been a wild one and has included a police raid on Nexom’s headquarters, a case and desist letter that resulted in the removal of Dark and Darker from Steam and even Ironmace using an AI to “prove” that the concepts the games shared weren’t original to them. The game remains off steam, and Ironmace has asked users to torrent the game to participate in a play test.

2: Korean Piracy Giant Noonoo TV Shuts Down Citing Bandwidth Costs & Pressure

Next up today, Any Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that the popular Korean piracy site Noonoo has shuttered its doors, citing both legal pressure and bandwidth costs.

According to a note posted on the site, the primary reason they are calling it quits is because of rising bandwidth costs. This is due to a system in Korea where major internet service providers have to charge each other for bandwidth, which is especially expensive for video content providers.

However, the group behind the site also claimed that they were dealing with legal pressure, including a $3.78 billion criminal copyright claim that was filed against them by a group of rightsholders.

3: Cam’ron Sued for Using Famous Pink Fur Photo of Himself on Merch

Finally today, C. Vernon Coleman II at XXL reports that rapper Cam’ron is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit by photographer Djamilla Rosa Cochran, who alleges that she took the famous photo of Cam’roni draped in pink fur and that he has been using the image on his merchandise without permission.

The image was taken in February 2003 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and shows Cam’ron wearing a large pink hat while talking on a matching cellphone. The lawsuit alleges that Cam’ron not only featured the image heavily on social media, but on merchandise that was for sale.

According to the lawsuit, Cochran licenses the image through Getty, who repeatedly tried to inform them about the copyright issues, but the defendants continued to use the image.

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