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1: Getty Images Lawsuit Says Stability AI Misused Photos to Train AI

First off today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that the stock photo company Getty Images has filed a second lawsuit against Stability AI, the creators of the Stable Diffusion AI image-generation tool.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware, follows an earlier lawsuit filed by Getty in the United Kingdom. The complaint alleges that Stability unlawfully used images owned by Getty to train its AI system, including reproducing Getty’s watermark.

According to Getty, their images were instrumental in training the AI due to both their high-quality and detailed metadata. They are seeking an injunction to bar Stability AI from using their images, as well as monetary damages based on Stability’s profits from the alleged infringement.

2: DNS Resolver Web-Blocking Case Back in Court in Germany

Next up today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that, in Germany, a case pitting Sony Music against DNS resolve Quad9 has made its way back to court as Quad9 attempts to avoid being required to block certain pirate sites.

Quad9 is a DNS resolver, which means it’s a service that converts domain names into IP addresses to enable access. Though such services are both legal and ethical, they are often used by pirates to circumvent site blocks that are the law in various countries. This prompted Sony to attempt to expand a recent site blocking order to cover Quad9, which they are pushing back against.

So far, Quad9 has not been successful with their arguments but are continuing to push back, saying that their service is a “conduit of metadata, not content delivery,” and that they should not be part of that country’s site blocking regime.

3: Bad Bunny Accused of Copyright Infringement Over Alleged Joeboy Interpolation in “Enséñame a Bailar”

Finally today, Nina Corcoran at Pitchfork reports that the record label EmPawa Africa has accused Bad Bunny of copyright infringement over the track Enséñame a Bailar.

According to the label, the song includes samples and other elements from the 2021 Joeboy song Empty My Pocket. The company claims that neither Joeboy nor the song’s producer received credit, nor was any clearance granted.

No lawsuit has been filed yet, but the label claims that they attempted to work out the issues amicably but that they have been rebuffed. Rimas Entertainment, which represents Bad Bunny, released a statement saying that they “acted properly” at all times and did not infringe upon the work.

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