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1: An Artist Has Vowed to Take Legal Action Against Cardi B for Appropriating His Art For Her Halloween Costume

First off today, Jo Lawson-Tancred at Artnet reports that an Italian artist has threatened legal action against musician Cardi B over an Instagram post of her in a Halloween costume.

On October 31, Cardi B posted an Instagram photo of herself dressed as a racy version of Marge Simpson, clad in a Thierry Mugler dress. In the background of the photo was a piece of artwork by photographer Jora Frantzis, who inspired the work. The work in question was part of his series Marge Simpsons Style Icon.

However, according to Frantzis, he was neither credited for her work nor did he give any authorization for the work. As such, he has engaged lawyer Claudio Volpi to take legal action on her behalf. Though no copyright lawsuit has been filed yet, Volpi has sent a formal notice to the individuals involved, requesting a follow-up post to “correct” the lack of attribution.

2: FIFA, Ethiopian National TV in a Heated Dispute Over World Cup Matches Piracy

Next up today, Modern Ghana reports that FIFA has accused the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) of piracy of World Cup matches, though the EBC claims to have an agreement that grants them the right to broadcast the games.

Currently, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is ongoing in Qatar. However, FIFA has threatened to withdraw any FIFA rights from the EBC, accusing the company of illegally broadcasting matches from the event. FIFA says that the company only acquired the rights to 28 matches, but that it has “repeatedly and illegally” pirated a large number of matches the license wasn’t valid for.

However, the EBC claims that the agreement was to broadcast all the 2022 games. They said that FIFA later approached them with a new agreement that only included 28 matches, but that one was rejected and noted that FIFA didn’t even send the signal for the 28 matches that they were supposedly authorized to broadcast.

3: Popular File-Sharing Service Refuses to ‘Filter’ Content as it Fears Overblocking

Finally today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that Czech file sharing website Ulož.to has refused to implement a “dumb” upload filter, saying that it will lead to overblocking and that it should be avoided under EU law.

The site has been heavily criticized for hosting a wide variety of pirated content, even being targeted by the US Trade Representative as a notorious pirate site. This has led rightsholders to petition for the courts to force it to start blocking suspected pirated content, something that the Czech Supreme Court supported earlier this year.

However, even as its competitors begin to implement their filters, Ulož.to is not backing down, saying such a filter would lead to overblocking, which is a violation of EU law. They have not said what legal steps they are planning on taking, but have declined to implement the filters, setting the stage for further legal conflicts.

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