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1: Taylor Swift Sued for $1 Million by Memphis-Area Poet for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Lucas Finton at Commercial Appeal reports that Taylor Swift is facing a new copyright infringement lawsuit, this one filed by a Memphis-area poet that accuses Swift of lifting her work.

Poet Teresa La Dart published a book of poems named Lover in 2010. According to the lawsuit, in August 2019 Taylor Swift published an album by the same name but also release an accompanying book entitled Lover. It is that book that is at issue in this case, as La Dart alleges that the book is an infringement of her work.

To support these claims, La Dart alleges that the books have the same title, color scheme, similar font choices, and similar photographs among other alleged overlaps. Swift, for her part, is the only person credited for the creative work on her book. According to a lawyer representing La Dart, the lawsuit was filed on the last day before the statute of limitations would have limited their ability to collect damages.

2: UFC Sues Documentary Production Team in Copyright Dispute

Next up today, Michael McCann at Sportico reports that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has filed a lawsuit against the producers of the documentary Bisping: The Michael Bisping Story over alleged unauthorized use of clips from UFC matches.

The documentary tells the story of former UFC fighter Michael Bisping and, according to the lawsuit, used some 160 clips amounting to 19 minutes of UFC fights. The documentary itself is 109 minutes long. According to the UFC, this amounts to the infringement of some 24 separate copyright-protected works.

According to the UFC, they attempted to reach out to the producers and strike a licensing deal for the clips. UFC also claims that they only learned about the documentary from Bisping himself, who currently works as a commentator.

3: Notorious DRM Company Takes Aim At Switch Piracy

Finally today, Ethan Gach at Kotaku reports that the much-maligned digital rights management (DRM) service Denuvo is coming to Switch.

Denuvo has long been a force in the PC gaming space. There, it has been heralded for slowing down the release of cracked or pirated games, but also lambasted for slowing down games for legitimate customers and causing other tech issues.

Now, according to an announcement by Denuvo at GamesCom 2022, Denvuo is coming to the Nintendo Switch console in a bid to prevent the emulation of Steam games on computers. This has been an ongoing issue for Nintendo as Switch emulation has gotten better and better as there are concerns over both piracy and fair play for Switch customers in multiplayer games.

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