3 Count: False Takedown

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1: Bungie Sues Destiny 2 Fraudulent DMCA Takedowns Sender For $7.6m

First off today, Zuhaad Ali at The Games Post reports that video game maker Bungie has filed a lawsuit against an individual named Nicholas Minor over allegations that Minor pretended to be a Bungie representative to file false copyright notices against other YouTubers.

According to the lawsuit, Minor goes by the name Lord Nazo on YouTube. He became disgruntled when he was hit by a series of legitimate takedowns filed by Bungie against videos he posted featuring Destiny’s soundtrack. They claim he then created two new Gmail accounts and filed a total of 96 DMCA takedown notices against various other YouTubers.

Bungie is suing for the maximum allowed under the law, $150,000 for each of the works implicated. This brings the potential damages to $7.65 million. According to the lawsuit, the damages are justified due to the harm Bungie incurred when the notices were sent, including community outrage over what members thought were legitimate Bungie DMCA notices.

2: Michael Che Wins Copyright Suit Over TikToker’s “HomeGirl” Sketch

Next up today, Winston Cho at The Holywood Reporter Esquire reports that comedia Michael Che has emerged victorious in a lawsuit filed against him by TikToker Kelly Manno over allegations that a comedy routine Che performed violated a series of videos she created.

Manno created a series of comedy videos on TikiTok named HomeGirl Hotline. According to her complaint, Che created a very similar sketch as p