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1: Photographer Sues Leaseweb for Hosting ‘Copyright Infringing’ Sites

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar reports that a photographer has filed a lawsuit against the hosting company Leaseweb, claiming that the company has ignored copyright infringements taking place on its network.

The lawsuit was filed by Barry Rosen, who claims that Leaseweb plays host to several sites that sell unlicensed posters of his images. Rosen claims that he has filed repeated takedown notices with Leaseweb, but that the sites (along with his images) remain online.

Rosen is claiming that Leaseweb is liable for infringement of 37 of his images, but reserves the right to add up to 100 more to the case. Rosen previously filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against eBay. A similar lawsuit has already been filed against Leaseweb by the pornography company Perfect 10.

2: Winzo Files a Lawsuit Against MPL Over Alleged Copyright Infringement

Next up today, Vikas SN at Moneycontrol reports that, in India, the company behind the video gaming platform WinZo has filed a lawsuit against their competitor Mobile Premier League (MPL) over allegations that MPL copied one of their games.

According to the lawsuit, MPL released a game named World War in March 2022. Winzo claims that the game was a near copy of a game from their platform, including the name. They further claim that, when they confronted MPL about the infringement, MPL removed the game only to re-release it with the name Team Clash.

The two sides made an appearance in court and MPL agreed to stop using the trademark, but that leaves other issues, including questions of copyright, unresolved. The two sides have said that they hope to resolve the issue through negotiation, but have another slated appearance in early July.

3: Nintendo Apparently Released a New Switch Model Just to Combat Piracy, Court Documents Reveal

Finally today, Usaid at GamingBolt reports that court documents that have been made public because of the criminal case against Gary Bowser have revealed that Nintendo released a new version of its Switch console for the sole purpose of blocking a hack that allowed users to play pirated games.

Bowser, along with his co-defendants, were found guilty of criminal copyright infringement for their creation and sale of various hacks for the Nintendo Switch. These hacks allowed users to play pirated games but also run homebrew software on the system.

Court documents released in the sentencing of Bowser showed not just the human toll the case has taken on Bowser, but also that Nintendo released a new version of the Switch in response to one of the hacking tools Bowser sold. Partly because of this, Nintendo claims that Bowser and the rest of Team Xecutor cost the company $65 million in damages.

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