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1: Records Labels and ISP Seek Summary Judgments in Piracy Lawsuit

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that both the internet service provider Bright House and the record labels suing it have filed motions for summary judgment, hoping to bring an early end to the lawsuit.

Bright House was sued by a group of major record labels over allegations that the company was not doing enough to stop piracy on its network. This includes the company, allegedly, failing to terminate repeat infringers. Now, both sides have filed for motions of summary judgment and are asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit without the need for a trial.

According to Bright House, they never received about half of the notices they are alleged to have ignored, with over 50,000 of them being directed to another provider. They further claim that they had a process in place to quarantine repeat infringers, despite allegations they did not. However, the labels argue that Bright House was clearly in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and that the court should find in favor of them.

2: German carmaker Audi, Ad Agency M&C Saatchi Apologize for Copyright Infringement in Video Campaign with Hong Kong’s Andy Lau

Next up today, The South China Morning Post reports that Audi and their advertising agency M&C Saatchi have apologized for a video campaign that featured Hong Kong actor and musician Andy Lau Tak-wah, saying that the video was a copyright infringement.

The companies have removed the video in question and said that the issue is owed to “lack of supervision and lax review” of the campaign. The video featured a monologue by Lau about the meaning of Xioaman. However, the content of that monologue was taken verbatim from a video blogger named Beida Mange, who posted the video on their profile years before.

Beida Mange criticized the move, calling it an extreme form of plagiarism. This prompted a strong backlash against Audi, which has now apologized for the video and removed it. Lau also apologized, saying that he has complete respect for Beida Mange’s original work.

3: Guests Outraged After Universal Music Group Blocks Content on Copyright Claims

Finally today, Ed Aguila at Inside the Magic reports that recent visitors to Disneyland Paris have been attempting to share videos they took of the park, only to find that Twitter, YouTube and other services are blocking their videos on copyright grounds.

According to those fans, the videos are blocked due to copyright infringement claims by Universal Music Group (UMG). Specifically, the claim deals with the song Are You Ready for the Ride?, which users claim is completely different from the song UMG is actually claiming.

UMG has been the distributor for Disney music since 2013. However, users are still seeking removal of the blocks as the song is not one that can be commercialized by UMG or anyone else.

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