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1: Drake Dropped From Copyright Suit Over Chris Brown Collab “No Guidance,” Judge Makes “Started From the Bottom” Joke

First off today, Brad Callas at Complex reports that the rapper Drake has been dismissed from the No Guidance lawsuit, leaving Chris Brown as the only artist who worked on the track as a defendant.

The lawsuit was filed by a pair of songwriters that claimed the 2019 track was an infringement of their earlier song 2016 song I Love Your Dress. However, both Drake and Brown have denied even hearing the alleged original song, saying it was just one of millions released online and was only performed once live.

However, now Drake has been dismissed from the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning the claims cannot be refiled, and without any costs or attorneys’ fees. Brown, as of this writing, is still a defendant in the case.

2: Court Dismisses Bungie’s Copyright Claims Against Cheat Seller AimJunkies, For Now

Next up today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that a federal court in Seattle has dismissed a copyright infringement claim filed by video game maker Bungie against a website that sold cheats for its games.

Bungie claimed that the site AimJunkies.com was infringing both their copyrights and their trademarks by selling cheats. However, the court ruled that Bungie did not successfully argue that the site’s activities were copyright infringing, dropping the copyright claims.

Bungie can amend and refile the copyright claims. Meanwhile, the trademark claims are moving forward to a potential trial.

3: Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment Amps Up its Defense Against Live TV Sports Piracy

Finally today, Stephen Battaglio at the Los Angeles Times reports that the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has added a new member as Qatar-based beIN SPORTS has signed on as a member of the organization expects other sports leagues to sign on shortly.

ACE is an offshoot of the Motion Picture Association that brings together a mixture of content and tech companies including movie studios, Apple, Amazon and Netflix. However, with the addition of beIN, ACE is stepping into the realm of live event piracy, in particular the piracy of sporting events.

ACE is well known for its cooperative efforts with law enforcement in shutting down pirate operations. This recent signing likely indicates a turn toward addressing live event streaming piracy, an area they previously did not focus heavily on.

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