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1: Activision Sues Yet Another Call Of Duty Warzone Cheat Distributor

First off today, Otto Kratky at GameSpot reports that video game publisher Activision has filed yet another lawsuit against an alleged cheat distributor, this one citing violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The lawsuit targets an organization named EngineOwning, which produces cheats for multiple video games, including several owned by Activision. According to Activision, those cheats circumvent protections that they have in place to protect copyrighted works, which is a violation of the DMCA.

The lawsuit did not specify damages, but did say that Activision was seeking both monetary and injunctive relief.

2: China Bans Most Exclusive Copyright Deals for Digital Music Platforms

Next up today, Reuters reports that China’s copyright authority has said digital music platforms are no longer allowed to sign exclusive copyright agreements.

The decision comes from the National Copyright Administration of China, which gave the order as part of a broader meeting targeting monopolistic behavior in the country.

The move comes one year after Tencent Holdings, whcih was alleged to have held more than 80% of thee exclusive music library resources in the country, had been forced by regulators to end all exclusive music copyright agreements.

3: Griselda Records Calls Out WWE Over Copyright Takedowns on Westside Gunn Songs

Finally today, Joshua Espinoza at Complex reports that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has filed a series of copyright notices against musician and wrestling fan Westside Gunn.

Several of Gunn’s tracks were removed from YouTube following complaints from WWE. Gunn, who used samples taken from WWE shows as part of his music, had been previously targeted by former WWE announcer Greg Hamilton, who threatened to sue him for sampling his voice without authorization.

However, this move comes after Gunn appeared on WWE television and WWE tweeted a photo of Gunn and a performer backstage. That tweet has since been deleted and the video set to private.

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