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1: Cox Settles Dispute with BMG, Rightscorp Over Copyright Notices

First off today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that Cox Communications has settled its dispute with BMG and Rightscorp over allegedly false Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) filed by Rightscorp on BMG’s behalf.

The case began when BMG sued Cox alleging that Cox was not taking adequate action against piracy on its network. Cox filed counterclaims alleging that Rightscorp, a rights management company employed by BMG, was knowingly filing false takedown notices.

BMG won a $25 million jury verdict in 2015 over its claims, but that was vacated by the Appeals Court over issues with jury instructions. Those claims were quickly settled after that, but Cox’s counterclaims were not. That is what has been resolved with this settlement that sees Rightscorp revising the way it files notices with Cox and withdrawn the notices at issue.

2: Illegal Streaming Service Shut Down and Man Arrested

Next up today, a press release by the West Mercia Police in the UK writes that they have arrested a UK man suspected of operating an unlawful streaming network and charged him with multiple counts while shuttering his network.

Police have not named the man, only identified as a 56-year-old from Shrewsbury, and said that he was arrested for a variety of alleged crimes including money laundering. The police also shuttered the network that he was operating and seized numerous devices used to operate and access the service.

When the police seized control of the service, they displayed a message to its users letting them know that the network was suspected to be unlawful. The man himself was released after questioning to allow for further investigation.

3: xQc Hit with Five-Hour Twitch Ban Over NBC Olympics Stream

Finally today, Isaac McIntyre at Dexerto reports that popular Twitch streamer xQc was suspended from the platform for about 5 hours after he broadcast several Olympic events on his channel.

On Twitter, xQc claimed that he “took necessary precautions” to avoid the takedown and that he “could’ve easily avoided this.” In the meantime, the broadcast has been removed from Twitch’s platform.

This is not xQc’s first run-in with Twitter authorities and is actually his fourth timed ban for various rule violations.

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