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1: Disney Lashes Back At Original ‘Predator’ Scribes’ Hunt For Rights To 1987 Schwarzenegger Starrer

First off today, Dominic Patten at Deadline reports that the authors that the authors of the original script that was made into the movie Predator have filed for copyright termination but Disney, the current owners of the film, are saying that the notice was not timely filed.

According to a lawsuit filed by the authors, they wrote the script entitled Hunters in 1984 and it was bought by Fox two years later and turned into the 1987 movie Predator. However, when they filed a copyright termination notice in a bid to reclaim their rights to the work, something allowed under the Copyright Act of 1976, Disney protested saying that the notice of termination was not filed timely.

Disney then filed a lawsuit asking the court to rule that the script notice of copyright termination was invalid but now the authors have hit back saying that that Disney did not complain about the notice of termination for over four years. In their response, their authors are also asking for a jury trial and for the court to rule that the notice of termination was valid and should be upheld.

2: Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Hit with Copyright Lawsuit

Next up today, Peter Hayes at Bloomberg Law reports that Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson has been sued by photographer Richard H. Barnes Jr over allegations that, without permission, Jackson used images he took on a variety of merchandise including apparel, backpacks and more.

Barnes is a photographer that took several photos of Jackson during his college career. According to the lawsuit, Jackson, or someone under his direction, has not only posted his photos on various social media platforms without permission, but had some of his images printed on merchandise and even retained a jeweler to create a “sculptural version” of one of the images.

The plaintiff in the case is seeking damages, attorneys’ fees and costs. The defendants have not responded to the filing as of this writing.

3: Nintendo Suing Bowser Over Switch Hacks

Finally today, Nicole Carpenter at Polygon reports that Nintendo of America has filed a lawsuit against Gary Bowser, an alleged leader of the Switch hacking group Team Xecuter for copyright infringement.

Bowser, along with fellow Team Xecuter member Max Louarn, were arrested in 2020 and charged with 11 felony counts including criminal copyright infringement. The allegations are that the team made and sold hacks for the Nintendo Switch that enabled it to play pirated games.

In their lawsuit, Nintendo is seeking damages including $2,500 for each trafficked device as well as $150,000 for each copyright infringement. They also are seeking a permanent injunction to shutter the operation completely.

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