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1: ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Remake Fuels $20M Copyright Claim

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that Truman Capote’s heirs have amended their lawsuit against Paramount Pictures, raising the amount that they are seeking to $20 million.

The lawsuit targets a Breakfast at Tiffany’s screenplay that Paramount executives have circulated internally. The case was originally filed in California state court but was moved to federal court as the court had more experience with the dispute. However, with the case now in federal court, Capote’s heirs decided to amend their complaint to include a copyright infringement allegation.

According to their lawsuit, the Capote estate would like to move forward on a television series based on the story but are having trouble shopping the idea around as long as Paramount is claiming to hold the rights. Paramount, as per the circulating script, is considering a new film and claims to still hold the rights to the work.

2: Sega Lawyers Threaten Wrong Website Over Yakuza Piracy

Next up today, Luke Plunkett at Kotaku reports that lawyers for Sega made a significant mistake when attempting to reduce piracy of the game Yakuza: Like a Dragon, they targeted the wrong domain.

As part of their efforts, Sega sent a DMCA notice to SteamDB, a site that features statistics related to the Steam gaming platform. The site was forced to remove its page for the game after the company alleged that it was illegally distributing it.

The problem is, SteamDB does not feature any downloads, game keys or any other piracy tools. The site said that they are attempting to reach out to Sega but have not received a response.

3: British MP’s Old Domain Name Targeted in Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuit

Finally today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the Filipino media giant ABS-CBN has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against a series of suspected pirate websites, one of them that may be familiar to those that watch UK politics.

The domain in question is craigwhittakermp.co.uk, which is the former site of UK MP Craig Whittaker. Sometime around 2017, Whittaker stopped using the domain and, since then, it appears that the domain lapsed and was bought by a pirate site operation.

Whittaker has since moved on to a different website. As for the lawsuit, ABS-CBN is seeking millions in damages for trademark and copyright infringement. They are also seeking an injunction to order domain registrars to take the domains offline.

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