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1: Nintendo Mass DMCA Takedown Removes Hundreds of Fangames from Game Jolt

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that Nintendo has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice against the game publishing community Game Jolt that resulted in the removal of some 379 fan made games.

The DMCA notice, which also mentions their trademark rights, targeted games that used Nintendo-owned characters, images and more. The move was met with a strong backlash by developers, who noted that the games are fan creations made without any profit motive.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time Nintendo has targeted fan works. Some of the games have already been reuploaded while most are choosing to keep their title offline.

2: Metro Manila Film Festival Files Criminal Charges Against Social Media Users Who Pirated its Movies

Next up today, Daniel Peters at NME reports that, in the Philippines, the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has filed complaints against some 15 users that they accuse of illegally streaming the festival on their social media accounts.

The complaints were filed with the Optical Media Board (OMB), the organization that oversees anti-piracy efforts in the country. The individuals were charging to view the films with fees ranging between P15 to P30 ($0.31-$0.61) per movie or P50 to P300 ($1.04 to $6.24) for the whole festival.

The festival itself was livestreamed for the first time and is available for P250 ($5.20) per film. The pirates were able to be tracked because most of them used their real names when providing the streamed copies of the films.

3: The Copyright to ‘The Great Gatsby’ is Up, and Prequel ‘Nick’ is Here to Take Advantage

Finally today, Barbara VanDenburgh at USA Today reports that, as The Great Gatsby enters the public domain, one author is already hoping to capitalize with the release of his book Nick, an unauthorized prequel of the classic.

Written by author Michael Farris Smith, the book focuses on the life of Nick Carraway before the events in The Great Gatsby. Those events include fighting in World War 1 as well as stays in New Orleans and New York City.

The book has been given mediocre reviews with this reviewer expressing frustrations that the Nick featured in the unofficial prequel leaves the book nothing like the version featured in The Great Gatsby.

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