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1: Cloudflare Counters Mass Piracy Allegations in ‘Thothub’ Lawsuit

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that Cloudflare has responded to a lawsuit in the US that seeks to hold them responsible for their role in providing services to a pirate website.

The case involves independent adult content creator Deniece Waidhofer and her lawsuit against the pirate website Thothub. Waidhofer sued the site and other companies connected with it after she found videos of her that she sells on there. One of those companies, Cloudflare, is seeking to have the charges against it dropped.

According to Cloudflare, as a Content Delivery Network, they do not host the infringing material and, even if they were not providing CDN services, the site may still be there. Waidhofer, among other things, is accusing Cloudflare of violating the anti-racketeering RICO Act. The site itself went offline following the lawsuit but the case continues.

2: New survey shows Philippines among highest in online piracy in Southeast Asia

Next up today, CNN Philippines is reporting that, according to a survey commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), the Philippines has experienced sharp growth in piracy even as neighboring nations have seen sharp reductions.

According to the survey, some 49 percent of Filipino consumers accessed piracy websites and that includes 53 percent of users aged between 25 and 34. These numbers are much higher than neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia, with Indonesia seeing only 28 percent of consumers admitting to accessing piracy websites.

For Malaysia and Indonesia, this is due to a dramatic decline in piracy in the last year. Both countries passed legislation to enable the blocking of pirate sites and, according to surveys, Indonesia’s piracy fell by 55 percent, from 63 to 28 percent. Malaysia claims to have seen a 64 percent decline in its piracy levels. The Philippines has no such legislation, though there does seem to be widespread support for it, with 53 percent of Filipinos agreeing it would be effective.

3: Twisted Sister Frontman Tells Court Clive Palmer ‘Not Good for my Image’ in Copyright Case

Finally today, Clive Palmer at The Guardian reports that Dee Snider, the former frontman of the band Twisted Sister, has said that the use of his music as part of an Australian political ad was “not good for my heavy metal image” as part of an ongoing lawsuit over the commercial.

During a recent election in Australia Palmer released a commercial featuring a cover of Twisted Sister’s song We’re Not Gonna Take It as part of a major blitz during the campaign. This prompted Snider to file the lawsuit against him accusing him of copyright infringement.

However, lawyers for the MP have argued that Palmer’s use of the song was not a copyright infringement. They argued that the first six notes of the song were from the hymn O Come, All Ye Faithful and even played a mash-up of Snider singing the hymn as part of a Christmas album.

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