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1: YouTuber Wins Attorneys’ Fees in Clinton Party Copyright Case

First off today, Blake Brittain at Bloomberg Law reports that YouTuber Carl Benjamin has won attorneys’ fees after successfully defending himself from a copyright lawsuit filed by comedian Akila Hughes over footage taken from Hillary Clinton’s election night party.

Hughes attended the party and captured footage from it. Hughes then uploaded it into a 10-minute video called We Thought She Would Win. Benjamin then took two minutes of that video and uploaded as part of another video entitled SJW Levels of Awareness, in a bid to ridicule Clinton and her supporters.

The court dismissed the suit but, in a recent ruling, found that the case was brought for an improper purpose. As such, the judge has awarded attorneys’ fees to Benjamin in the case.

2: German Authorities Finally Seize the “Movie2K” Crypto-Assets

Next up today, Bill Toulas at TechNadu reports that German authorities have seized nearly $30 million in cryptocurrency from the operators of the Movie2K pirate website, though it’s likely still more money remains.

Movie2K was an extremely popular film and television pirate website that shuttered in 2013 amid growing legal pressure. In 2019, three men were arrested in connection with the site and two were charged with various offenses. However, prosecutors struggled to seize the assets connected with the site due to efforts taken to hide them. More recently, with the aid of forensic experts and the FBI, they were able to locate the cryptocurrency.

Though the currency is worth a great deal in 2020, much of it was acquired when the value was significantly lower. Nonetheless, authorities say that there may still be other assets they haven’t located and that they are continuing to investigate.

3: Major Gaming Streamer’s Penalty Exposes YouTube’s Embarrassing Loop

Finally today, Jasmine Henry at CCN reports that prominent YouTuber LazarBeam has been barred from uploading or streaming for a week due to a copyright strike against his account.

With 15.9 million subscribers, LazarBeam is one of the most popular YouTube streamers. So much so that, back in January, he signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube.

However, he now claims he can’t upload or stream for a week due to a copyright claim on a three-year-old video. Though he reached out to YouTube, YouTube responded by suggesting that he file a counterclaim on the video, though that could take two weeks to fully resolve.

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