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1: Neil Young Sues Donald Trump Campaign for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that musician Neil Young has filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s campaign over the use of his music at campaign rallies.

Young has a particularly lengthy history with President Trump, having complained about the use of his music at then-candidate Trump’s rallies in 2016. However, at the time, the venues that the campaigns used had public performance licenses from ASCAP and BMI, making the use of the music fully legal.

Since then, those organizations began allowing songwriters to bar political use of their music. Young is one of the musicians that removed his work and is planning on testing whether the removal is valid. He is seeking both an injunction barring President Trump from using any more of his music as well as statutory damages.

2: An OnlyFans Creator Is Suing ‘Thothub’ for Reposting Her Content

Next up today, Samantha Cole and Joseph Cox at Vice Motherboard reports that OnlyFans creator Niece Waidhofer has filed a lawsuit against Thothub, a leaked image site that has been sharing her paywalled images.

In addition to Thothub, she is also suing Cloudflare for providing services to the site as well as Chaturbate and BangBros for running advertisements on it. According to the complaint those companies support and make possible the site, which hosts terabytes of stolen OnlyFans material.

According to Waidhofer, photos that are normally part of her paid $14.99 OnlyFans account have appeared on Thothub, including ones sent via private message to some of her fans. On its site, Thothub says it bars users from uploading stolen images though the site’s home page prominently features stolen images from well-known creators.

3: Court Sides with Disney in ‘Inside Out’ Copyright Lawsuit

Finally today, TJ Muscaro at Inside the Magic reports that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision that said the Disney film Inside Out was not substantially similar to an earlier work by author Carla Jo Masterson.

The lawsuit was filed by Masterson, who claimed that Inside Out was a copyright infringement of her poetry book What’s On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? (A Book of Feelings) and her movie script The Secret of the Golden Mirror.

This is the second of such cases that Disney has defeated, with the first involving child development expert Denise Daniels, who claimed that Inside Out was based on her movie entitled The Moodsters. That case was also tossed by a lower court and upheld on appeal.

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