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1: Round Hill Music Files $32M Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against TuneCore

First off today, Claudia Rosenbaum at Billboard reports that Round Hill Music’s publishing company has filed a lawsuit against TuneCore, a digital music distribution and licensing company.

According to the lawsuit, TuneCore made “willful and unauthorized use” of some 219 sound recordings that TuneCore then turned around and licensed to Apple, Amazon eMusic and other digital download services.

Round Hill Music is seeking damages of $150,000 per work, which totals $32.85 million maximum damages from the lawsuit. They are also seeking court costs and attorneys’ fees. TuneCore has not responded to the lawsuit nor commented on the case.

2: Music Labels Slap Copyright Infringement Notices on New TikTok Alternatives

Next up today, Prasid Banerjee and Lata Jha at LiveMint reports that, in India, four music labels have sent copyright notices to various TikTok clones alleging that they are not licensing the music that their services are playing.

TikTok was widely popular in India but was recently banned in the country amid growing tensions between China and India. That ban opened the door for TikTok clones, whom the record labels say is making unlicensed use of their music.

The list of record labels includes T-series, Indias largest label, though the other three are not known. Several of the clone services have said that they are in talks with the record labels though, according to the reporting, the labels have asked the services to stop using their music immediately.

3: Police Arrest Youth for Uploading Pirated TV Shows to YouTube

Finally today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that an Indian youth has been arrested for uploading TV shows to their YouTube channel.

The case involves episodes of the Tari Tarini TV Show, which is part of the Indian streaming service Odisha TV. According to the complaint, the unidentified youth uploaded several episodes to their YouTube channel and, though YouTube suspended the channel, Odisha TV notified the police about the issue.

The police then made an arrest of the individual involved but no charges have been filed yet. According to Odisha TV, this part of a broader collaboration with the police to target pirate activities in the country.

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