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1: Pirate IPTV Reseller Boom Media Ordered to Pay $3.3m in Damages

First off today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that a New York court has ordered Boom Media and its founders, Debra and Josh Henderson, to pay $3.3 million in damages to DISH Network for their unlicensed streaming of DISH content.

Boom Media is a reseller of pirate IPTV services, which allows people to access DISH-exclusive content online among other content. Boom Media also provided “fully loaded” set-top boxes to customers that gave them access to pirated movies and TV shows. This prompted DISH Network to sue them in October 2019 with the Henderson’s originally vowing to fight the case all the way to trial. However, after their attempt to raise $250,000 in funds only drew $1,029, their defense fizzled out.

After determining that the service was indeed infringing and using some creativity to get an estimate on the number of codes that were sold, the court handed down a $3.3 million judgment against the pair as well as a permanent injunction barring the sale of pirate subscriptions and set-top boxes.

2: ‘Normal People’ Producers Fire Warning Shot at Pornhub as Pirated Sex Scenes Spread Online

Next up today, Tim Dams at Variety reports that the producers of Hulu and BBC’s TV show Normal People have issued copyright takedowns to the adult site Pornhub after a compilation of sex scenes from the series was uploaded to the site.

According to Ed Guiney, the executive producer of the show, they are “hugely disappointed” that the excerpts were uploaded that way, calling it a violation of both their copyright and “deeply disrespectful to the actors involved.”

Pornhub has removed the video but it is available on other sites online. However, the story is part of a larger issue facing TV show producers where such cuts of their shows are posted on video-sharing sites, necessitating copyright action to remove them.

3: Journalists’ Club Removes Parody of Olympic Logo Depicting COVID-19

Finally today, the Kyodo News reports that the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan has removed a parody of the Tokyo Olympic emblem as a coronavirus following legal threats from the Tokyo Olympic Committee.

The journalists used the logo on the cover of their magazine as a means of covering how the virus is impacting the upcoming Olympic games. However, the Tokyo Olympic Committee took issue with it and claimed it was a copyright infringement.

Saying that they have consulted with several lawyers, the Correspondents’ Club has agreed to remove the logo from their site. They went on to issue a statement noting that the logo was seen as offensive to some people and to express regret for publishing it.

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