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1: Drew Barrymore is in a Massive Pillow Fight with a Luxury Textile Designer

First off today, Jeva Lange at The Week reports that a Los Angeles textile studio, Rule of Three, has filed a lawsuit against Drew Barrymore and Walmart over alleged copyright infringement of the pattern on a pillow.

According to the lawsuit, a pillow designed by Barrymore for Walmart looks nearly identical to a marbled “Turkish Plume” pattern that Rule of Three released in 2015. Rule of Three says that they take a great deal of pride in having completely original designs.

According to Rule of Three, one of the things that prompted the lawsuit was the fact that Barrymore’s pillow retails for about $34 while theirs retails between $315 and $565. The lawsuit is seeking an injunction to bar future sales of the pillow, all profits from the design and additional damages.

2: YouTube Rippers and Record Labels Clash in US Appeals Court

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that a battle between two record labels and two popular YouTube ripping sites has made its way to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

At the district court, the judge dismissed the case citing lack of jurisdiction. Since both of the sites are based out of Russia, the court found that it was not the correct venue for the case. However, the record labels filed an appeal seeking to overturn that dismissal.

That appeal was heard via a remote conference. There, the labels said that the sites in question heavily target U.S.-owned music, do not block U.S. visitors, have advertising relationships with U.S.-based companies and even registered a DMCA agent with the U.S. Copyright Office. However, an attorney for the stream rippers, quite obviously, argued differently saying that his client is a Russian citizen and has never been to the United States nor done business there.

3: The Weeknd Denies Stealing a Yeasayer Sample for Kendrick Lamar Collaboration ‘Pray For Me’

Finally today, Patrick Clark at NME reports that The Weeknd has responded to a lawsuit accusing him of stealing a sample from the band Yeasayer.

Yeasayer claims that The Weeknd used elements of their song Sunrise in The Weeknd’s 2018 collaboration with Kendrick Lamar entitled Pray for Me. The Weeknd has now responded to that lawsuit, denying each and every one of the allegations.

According to the response, Pray for Me doesn’t use any of the actual audio from Sunrise. Despite this, Yeasayer claims that the same sample was used at least eight times in the song and is seeking both an injunction to stop the sale of the music as well as unspecified damages.

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