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1: Katy Perry Sued For $150,000 Over Hillary Clinton Photo

First off today, Ryan Naumann at Blast reports that musician Katy Perry becomes just the latest celebrity to find themselves sued by photographers and/or photo agencies over images posted to Instagram.

Last week, Perry was sued by BackGrid, a photo agency, over her use of a photo of Perry dressed as Hillary Clinton for a 2016 Halloween Party. She turned around and placed the photo on her Instagram with the caption, “BILL & HILL 4EVA”. However, according to BackGrid, she did not have a license to do so.

Countless other celebrities have faced similar lawsuits, usually over images taken of them. Other names include Gigi Hadid, Khloé Kardashian, Justin Bieber and more. The lawsuit is seeking $150,000 in damages, the maximum allowed under the law.

2: Virgin Claims Eir is in Breach of Copyright

Next up today, Mary Carolan at The Irish Times reports that Irish media company Virgin has filed a lawsuit against its competitor Eir claiming that the company is infringing their copyright by streaming Virgin’s free-to-air channels over Eir’s new Apple TV boxes.

The lawsuit is just the latest in an ongoing dispute between the companies over these channels. The two sides previously had a distribution agreement for Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Two. However, that agreement lapsed last September and the two sides have been unable to reach a new one.

Eir has complained that Virgin ins not engaging properly with them as required by the 2009 Broadcasting Act. As Eir ramped up preparations to launch its Apple TV service, it demanded that Virgin grant its approval. When Virgin refused to do so, it argued that a streaming service is not covered by the Broadcasting Act and demanded that Eir remove the channels. The matter now goes before courts though a timetable for the case that has been approved has adjourned the case until March.

3: There’s Too Many Damn Streaming Services, Study Finds

Finally today, Karl Bode at Vice Motherboard reports that the data analytics firm UTA IQ has released a new study on consumer happiness and streaming services. It’s found that 70 percent of consumers already say there are too many streaming options and 87 percent worry that it will become too expensive.

The study also highlights that consumers are already growing frustrated with the streaming environment. According to the study, 67 percent of consumers already find switching between multiple services frustrating, 58 percent struggled with managing their logins and 45 percent say it’s too difficult to find what they’re looking for. This mirrors an earlier Deloitte study that found 47 percent of consumers were dealing with “subscription fatigue.”

The study comes as several new major streaming services are either coming online or planning to come online. These include Apple TV+ and Disney+ to name two. The article reports that nearly every broadcaster has announced plans for their own streaming service that should launch before 2022.

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