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1: Epic Games and ‘Cheating’ Fortnite Kid Settle Copyright Lawsuit

First off today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that Epic Games has reached a settlement with a minor that it accused of not only cheating at Fortnite but creating some of those cheats himself and operating a YouTube channel where he demonstrated them.

The minor, identified by his YouTube name CBV, was sued by Epic Games for his cheating activities. He, through his mother, attempted to fight the lawsuit claiming that the court ha hd no jurisdiction and noting that forcing a minor to defend himself is unreasonable. However, Epic Games countered by arguing that CBV had committed multiple breaches, including copyright infringement and violations of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions, and that he had continued the behavior despite the lawsuit.

However, cooler heads ultimately prevailed as CBV and his family got the aid of pro bono attorneys that reached a settlement with Epic Games. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed but both sides have dropped their claims. It is assumed that part of any settlement would be a cessation of CBV’s cheating activities, which seems to be likely as the NexcusCheats website CBV advertised is now offline.

2: Robstown Bar Sued Over Unlicensed Music

Next up today, Seth Kovar at KRIS 6 reports that a Robstown, Texas har has been sued by the performing rights organization (PRO) BMI claiming that the bar played music without a license.

The lawsuit was filed against The Location Bar and Lounge. According to BMI, they attempted to reach out to the owners of the bar in January 2016 over concerns with possible copyright infringement. Since then, they’ve attempted to reach out to them 50 times through various means.

Calling a lawsuit the “last resort”, BMI says that the license fee would have been significantly less than the cost associated with a lawsuit. The bar, however, insists that it has done nothing wrong and are working to get the case dismissed.

3: Sport-Global Piracy will Burst Media Rights ‘Bubble’, Says beIN Boss

Finally today, Alan Baldwin at Reuters reports that the chief executive of broadcaster beIN has warned others in the industry that piracy is going to lead to a drop in value of media rights for sports organizations unless those organizations take drastic action to stop it.

BeIN is currently embroiled an ongoing battle with BeoutQ, a satellite service that BeIN accuses of pirating their signal. BeoutQ began life after Saudi Arabia placed an embargo on Qatar, where beIN is based. Rather than lose access to beIN content, which includes many major sporting events, the company claims that Saudi Arabia enabled the creation of BeoutQ to pirate the signal and distribute it not just to Saudi Arabia but globally.

Speaking at the Leaders Week Sport Business Summit in London, beIN chief executive Yousef Al-Obaidly says that this type of activity is going to damage or even destroy the value of sports licensing. Noting that his company has invested more than $15 billion in sports rights, he says that the “endless growth of sports rights is over” and that, in some cases, “rights values are going to drop off a cliff.” Already beIN has declined to renew some sports, including Formula One, citing piracy concerns.

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