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1: ‘Cheating’ Fortnite Kid Keeps on Cheating, Epic Games Tells Court

First off today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that Epic Games has responded to a motion to dismiss in their lawsuit against a suspected Fornite cheater and are saying the case should not be dismissed due to his status as a minor.

The lawsuit was filed against a popular YouTuber named CBV, identified in court records as just C.B. According to Epic games, CBV not only made videos demonstrating various cheats for Fortnite but also distributed those hacks to others. Epic sued alleging that the cheats and the videos violated both their copyrights in the game and violations of their terms of service. However, CBV filed a motion to dismiss claiming both that the court had no jurisdiction and that his status as a minor meant that the case was unreasonable.

However, Epic Games has hit back against that motion saying that CBV has not ceased his cheating ways, despite earlier promises to do so. They claim that he is both continuing to make videos, albeit on a separate channel, and that he is selling the cheats. Further, they say that, even though he is a minor, the contract is not immediately void because he enjoyed the benefits of the agreement.

2: Jill Greenberg Settles Copyright Claim Against Clorox, McGarryBowen

Next up today, David Walker at PDNPulse reports that photographer Jill Greenberg has reached a settlement in her case against Clorox and its ad agency, McGarryBowen, for an undisclosed amount of money.

Greenberg shot a series of photos for McGarryBowen to be used in an ad campaign for Clorox-owned Fresh Step cat litter. However, she sued in April saying that the two companies made extensive use of the images that exceeded the “limited use and duration” that was specified in their agreement. This included distributing the images as downloadable wallpaper and featuring them in popup galleries online.

The two sides reached a settlement back in June but it has just become public knowledge. That said, little is known about the settlement as the details are undisclosed. The case was actually settled before the defendants had filed a written response to the original complaint.

3: Manga Piracy Site Manga Rock to Shut Down

Finally today, Alex Mateo at the Anime News Network reports that the pirate manga aggregator app Manga Rock has announced that it plans to shut down its service, however, they say the reason isn’t due to legal pressure, but due to a change of heart.

According to their statement, the organizers behind the site were not aware where the unlicensed content they present came from or how it harmed publishers. However, they have since come to reevaluate and, with an apology to the manga industry, announced they are shutting down.

The service remains accessible for certain users and is offline for others. The move comes as similar manga services are being shuttered due to legal action from publishers, including some arrests. It is unclear what role those actions had in changing the minds of Manga Rock’s administrators.

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