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Been a fortnight since we talked about Fortnite.

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1: Fortnite Creator Takes 14-year-old to Court Over Cheating

First off today, 9News reports that attorneys representing a 14-year-old boy accused of cheating at Fortnite and posting videos about it on YouTube is trying to have the lawsuit against him dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

Epic Games, which makes Fortnite, claimed that the cheating violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) anti-circumvention provisions. However, the case actually stems from a YouTube video the teen uploaded illustrating his cheating. Epic Games filed a DMCA takedown notice to get the video removed (using the DMCA’s notice-and-takedown provisions) and then the teen filed a counter-notice, which prompted Epic to file a lawsuit to keep the video offline.

According to the lawyers, the defendant in question has no connection to North Carolina, where the lawsuit is filed. He lives in Illinois and the lawyers claim that such a jurisdictional move would be unfair and unreasonable. The case is ongoing.

2: HTTPS Interception “Breaks” Slider Music Search Engine

Next up today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that the pirate music search Slider is not functioning but the issue has nothing to do with pressure from rightsholders, but rather, practices by the Kazakhstan government that aim to make secure internet traffic easy to intercept.

The site, which has been operating since 2010, is a music search engine that lets people locate places to download music. However, the site recently stopped working. Though accessible, the search function is currently broken. According to the site’s owners, this is because Kazakhstan recently required that all devices in the country install government-provided security certificates. This would allow the govenment to snoop on secure traffic, including httpss.

The site itself doesn’t use httpss so it is accessible but the search components clearly do as they aren’t functioning. However, the government has indicated that it may be backing away from this policy in the near future.

3: European Football Authorities Crack Down on TV Piracy Ahead of New Season

Finally today, Joseph Macey at Euronews reports that the major soccer (football) leagues across Europe are ramping up their efforts to stop piracy ahead of the new season.

Those efforts include Italy’s Serie A, which has launched a #StopPiracy hashtag campaign complete with banners on display in all of its stadiums. They are joined in this campaign by many of their biggest clubs and other leagues launching campaigns of their own.

The move comes amid an ongoing battle with BeoutQ, a Saudi-based satellite service that is accused of illegally streaming games from many of the world’s largest leagues. A recent joint statement by major authorities for the sport revealed that they had approached nine different law firms in Saudi Arabia but all had refused to take the case. They say they will no use other means to stop them.

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