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1: NBCU, NFL, Carrie Underwood Sued Over ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song

First off today, Bruce Haring at Deadline reports that a group of four songwriters have filed a lawsuit against Carrie Underwood and organizations connected to her alleging that her version of the Sunday Night Football theme song is an infringement of an earlier one they penned.

According to the plaintiffs, they created a song entitled Game On in June 2016 and uploaded it to YouTube in March 2017 and it was later featured on the CBS show Inside College Basketball. They then claimed to have emailed the song to Underwood’s manager who passed on the song.

However, they claim that a “strikingly similar” song premiered for the 2018 football season as the theme for Sunday Night Football, which airs on NBC. None of the defendants in the lawsuit have had any comment on the case.

2: Kodi Add-On Developer Arrested On Same Day as Popular Repo Goes Down

Next up today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that a UK man in the north of England has been arrested under suspicion of creating and maintaining a Kodi add-on that enabled users to illegally access paid content for free.

The arrest was performed by the North West Regional Organized Crime United along with assistance from the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). The man arrested has not been named but is 40 years old and is from Winsford.

Though it’s impossible to know for certain, the arrest times out with the closure of the Supremacy add-on and the repo that hosted it. Though there’s no way to confirm it, the closure took place on the same day as the arrest and the domain records for the repo say that the domain has been suspended.

3: Reddit Banned the NBAStreams Subreddit and the NBA Community is Upset

Finally today, Jordan Heck at Sporting News reports that Reddit has banned the community /r/NBAStreams, bringing a permanent end to a community that had over 400,000 subscribers.

The subreddit was a place where users would share links to streams of NBA games, most of those from NBA’s paid League Pass service. According to Reddit, the community was shut down under the sites repeat infringer policy, which the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires sites have and implement in order to avoid liability for infringement by users.

The move comes on the heels of the NBA finals, which concluded last week, and the banning of other prominent streaming communities, including /r/mmastreams and /r/soccerstreams.

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