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1: Cloudflare Settles Dangerous Piracy Liability Lawsuit

First off today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that Cloudflare and ALS Scan have reached a settlement in their much-watched lawsuit, bringing an abrupt end to a case that many had hoped would address issues related to copyright liabilities for content delivery networks.

The case saw ALS Scan, a publisher of adult content, file the lawsuit against Cloudflare. According to ALS Scan, Cloudflare provided content delivery services to some 15 pirate websites and refused to disconnect those sites when notified.  Cloudflare attempted to get the case dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, namely claiming that some 14 of the websites were not located in the United Sates. However, the court ruled that Cloudflare could be held liable for contributory copyright infringement, though actual liability was to be determined at a trial.

However, it seems that trial will not be happening. Both parties have asked for the case to be dismissed with prejudice as they have reached a settlement in the matter. Though the details of the settlement aren’t known, the court filing did say that both parties will bear their own attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.

2: SET TV Pulls Its Setvnow IPTV Service Following Piracy Complaints

Next up today, Nitish Singh at Technadu reports that Setvnow, the internet TV service from the people behind the shuttered SET TV service, is itself closing down following a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE).

ACE is a group that represents both the large movie studios, TV studios and major streaming services, including Amazon and Netflix. The group filed a lawsuit against SET TV claiming that it was streaming unlicensed content to users. SET TV closed but opened up Setvnow, a backup website that offered similar services to the market.

However, that site is now also closing after a new lawsuit has been filed by ACE. However, the closure is not likely to bring an end to the lawsuit as SET TV is claiming that their service nor the boxes they sell are illegal as they don’t access copyright infringing material intentionally and were never marketed for the purpose of piracy.

3: Popular Twitch Streamers Temporarily Banned For Playing Copyrighted Music

Finally today, Nathan Grayson at Kotaku reports that more than 10 popular Twitch streamers were handed 24 hour suspensions on the service over allegations that they played copyright-protected music during their streams.

The strikes allegedly came from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an international trade group that represents record labels. Though it’s unconfirmed what the song or songs at issue were, it was reported to be a song by rapper Juice Wrld.

Though details of the ban are murky, it may have been an accident as others have spoken with Juice Wrld’s record label and said that it was an automatic system that cause the notices. Over half of the streamers involved were quickly un-banned with others letting the ban roll off naturally.


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