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1: Eminem’s Legal Battle With New Zealand Political Party Over Copyright Infringement Moves Into U.S.

First off today, Eriq Gardner at Billboard reports that the battle between Eminem and the New Zealand National Party is getting a new layer as two middlemen are going to war in the United States over indemnity.

The lawsuit began over a TV advertisement by the New Zealand National Party that used a song very reminiscent to Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself. Eminem and his publisher sued the party in a case that recently went to trial there though we are still waiting for the outcome.

In the meantime, one of the middlemen have filed a lawsuit of their own in the United States. Beatbox Music Pty has filed a lawsuit against Labrador Entertainment (DBA Spider Cues Music Library). According to Beatbox, they licensed the track for the National Party as a sub-publisher of Spider Cues and were not warned that the track was possibly infringing. As such, Beatbox is seeking indemnification, saying they’re already on the hook for more than $320,000 in legal fees over the lawsuit and have had more than $230,000 in royalties withheld.

2: More than 50 Pirate Websites to be Blocked in Australia Within Days

Next up today, Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson at News.com.au reports that, between two separate cases, ISPs in Australia have been ordered to block access to more than 59 pirate websites including MegaShare, EZTV and Limetorrents.

The cases, one filed by Roadshow Films and the other filed by Foxtel, add some 59 websites and 127 domains to the list of sites ISPs must block in the country. They bring the total number of blocked sites to 65 and the total number of domains to 340.

According to to Village Roadshow, the move is being paired with the country’s largest anti-piracy campaign, which will include TV ads featuring actor Bryan Brown.

3: Bad break? KitKat Maker Accused of Copying Atari Breakout Game in Ad

Finally today, Reuters is reporting that Atari has filed a lawsuit against candy maker Nestle alleging that the company copied the hit video game Breakout as part of an ad campaign for Nestle’s KitKat.

According to the lawsuit, for one of its ads, Nestle showed a screen of Breakout but replaced the bricks with KitKat bars, encouraging customers to “break out” and buy more candy.

The lawsuit is seekign three times Nestle’s profit plus punitive damages. Nestle has said that the ad in question is a UK advertisement that ran in 2016 and no longer runs nor do they have any plans to use it again.


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