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1: ‘Mucha Lucha’ Co-Creator Lili Chin Files Copyright Infringement Suit Against Kohl’s

First off today, Brian Gabriel at Cartoon Brew reports that Lili Chin, an artist and co-creator of the animated series ¡Mucha Lucha! has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Kohl’s over designs featured on shirts, socks and more sold in the store.

According to the lawsuit, Chin created a poster entitled Doggie Language that featured a Boston Terrier named Boogie. The poster showed the dog in various poses with translations as to what those poses meant. However, Chin alleges that, earlier this year, Kohl’s began selling t-shirts and socks that featured a dog that looked very similar to Boogie in poses almost identical to the poster.

Chin is seeking statutory damages as well as profits from the shits and socks. Chin is also targeting the manufacturers of the products, even though the manufacturer of the t-shirts is currently unknown.

2: Kuwait’s New Copyright Law Protects Artists’, authors’ Intellectual Property

Next up today, Albawaba News reports that Kuwait has updates its country’s copyright legislation to enact the Berne Convention, which it became a signatory to in 2014.

The Berne Convention is the largest and most important international copyright treaty, with over 170 signatories. The treaty requires countries to implement minimums for copyright terms and for the rights that are protected. The new copyright act in Kuwait raises their standards to meet those requirements.

Among those requirements is a copyright term that is the life of the author plus 50 years, protection of moral rights and extends those protections to creators based in other signatory nations. The law also places a new role on the National Library of Kuwait as it will be monitoring the implementation of the law and alerting authorities of infringements to any infringement it sees.

3: Croatia Arrests its First Ever Pirate Site Operator

Finally today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that Matej Kalanj, a 31-year-old resident of Rijeka, Croatia, was arrested by local authorities for his role in operating the piracy site Filmovita, making him the first person in the country to be arrested for copyright infringement.

According to authorities, Kalanj published more than 1,250 movies on the site and earned $89,000 in revenue from the site. He is also accused of illegally accessing the internet for using his neighbor’s unsecured wifi.

A woman in her late 20s, believed to be Kalanj’s wife, is also under investigation. In her case it’s for money laundering as she is alleged to have helped Kalanj hide the revenue he earned from the site.


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