Lewis Bond Lawsuit Dismissed

Easy come, easy go...

It’s a bit of a mea culpa this week as one of the lawsuits we were watching came to an abrupt end that we completely missed.

The lawsuit in question is the Serendip LLC v Lewis Bond cast, which we first reported on in June. The lawsuit saw the company representing composer Wendy Carlos suing YouTuber Lewis Bond, who made an analysis of the film The Shining, which Carlos wrote the score for.

But as quick as the lawsuit was filed, it’s been settled. Shortly after Bond received support from the same attorneys representing H3H3 in their lawsuit, the lawsuit was dismissed. No response to the complaint, no motion to dismiss, nothing.

While we probably won’t know why the lawsuit was scuttled¬†(sadly Bond removed his video about the lawsuit being dismissed) but we can definitely scratch this one off the list of lawsuits to follow and move our time and attention to the H3H3 case as well as other lawsuits of interest.

On that note, if you have a case that you think would make a great candidate for this video serious, drop me a line and let me know!

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