Could H3H3 Lose?

Yes, the answer is yes...

H3H3 LogoPreviously, we looked at the H3H3 lawsuit and we went over both what is going on with it and what the next steps of the lawsuit likely are.

However, now we have updates.

First off, despite H3H3 not asking for support, YouTube came forward in spades and donated what is now well over $160,000 to H3H3 to create a legal defense fund. H3H3, not wanting to take the money themselves, created a “Fair Use Protection Account” at their attorney’s office that will be used to others who are threatened unfairly over fair use issues.

Second, and most importantly to this video, we need to take a look at the question a lot of people have been asking, “Could H3H3 lose?” Even after all of this fundraising and rallying, could H3H3 lose the lawsuit?

The answer is yes and we take a look at why in this video. So sit down and join me as we further break down this case and work to better understand the nuances of fair use and why no court case, especially a fair use case, is ever truly a slam dunk.

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