The Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Scandal

7 Plagiarism Questions to Blow Your Mind...

Matthew Santoro ImageYouTube is going through a very interesting period of growth. With all of the conversations about fair use and YouTube’s history with it, a separate dialog is being opened up about attribution on the site and when/how to credit those whose work you build upon.

At the center of that storm is Matthew Santoro. Famous for his list videos, Santoro has been accused by several over the past year of plagiarizing at least some of his videos.

Starting with a post on /r/rant on Reddit and then drawing the attention of other YouTubers. The story was most recently picked up by GradeAUnderA, who published a video calling out Santoro for plagiarizing at least one of his videos.

So, did Matthew Santoro plagiarize? If so, what’s next for him? Also, what about his promise on Twitter to begin attributing all of his videos in the future (as well as his previous ones). We are going to take a look at all of that and a lot more in this video.

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