7-in-7: Playboy Links

Playboy LogoIt’s a new week and it’s time for another 7-in-7! This is the (hopefully weekly) show where I break down a week’s worth of copyright news in under 7 minutes.

That being said, we missed last week’s show due to the time it took to file my comments with the U.S. Copyright Office but we are back and and going through all of the copyright news that’s fit to print… or rather, speak.

This week’s show is a doozy as we cover a slew of international news, looking at linking the EU and photographs of public works in Sweden. However, we have plenty in the states as we cover the legality of selling digital works, a lawsuit against the WWE and even an update on Justin Bieber.

All in all, this is one jam-packed show that you do not want to miss!

This week’s stories include:

  1. Top EU Court Advised Links Don’t Infringe Copyright
  2. Wikimedia Told It’s Infringing by Posting Photos of Public Artwork
  3. ReDigi Settles on Damages, Hopes to Take Reselling Digital Works to Appeals Court
  4. WWE Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Streaming Royalties
  5. Justin Bieber’s Attorneys Miss Key Deadline for Expert Witness Testimony
  6. Photographer Claims He Took Robert Mapplethorpe Self Portraits
  7. Sony Sues Rdio Executives for Alleged Fraud

You can find the full show notes here and, if you’re interested in an audio version, let me know and I’ll begin creating them in the near future.

In the meantime, as always, I’d love your feedback on this format and any suggestions or advice you have to help make it great. I’m also getting back into the routine of posting other videos on my YouTube Channel so please subscribe, share, thumbs up and all of the other stuff you get asked to do there.

Have a great weekend and I will see everyone on Monday!

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