HAuNTcon 2016 – Copyright and Trademark for Haunters

Scary stuff...

This year, I got the privilege to join hundreds of my fellow haunted house loves and owners for HAuNTcon in Birmingham, AL.

The conference focuses on the breadth of the haunted attraction industry covering everything related to building, operating, marketing and maintaining a haunted attraction. It’s also a great social event allowing haunters to mingle, talk and learn from one another.

I was also fortunate enough to be asked to give a talk entitled Copyright and Trademark for Haunters. Though trademark isn’t my core area, the two issues are greatly interlinked for the haunted attraction industry, especially when you look at issues such as licensed movie characters, haunted attraction logos and so forth.

Above is my one-hour talk on the subject. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture the slides at the same time and it’s mostly an audio recording. However, below we have the slides from the event as hosted on Slideshare.

Also, due to a technical issue, my handouts were not available during my actual talk, you can download those here as a PDF.

If you are/were at HAuNTcon and have any questions, regardless of whether you were at my talk or not, please feel free to contact me and ask. Also, if you’re interested in more specific help, feel free to check out my consulting services at CopyByte and let me know how I can help you.

I want to thank HAuNTcon for agreeing to have me and for helping bring this issue to the forefront of the industry. For my colleagues, in the field, here’s to a happy, safe and profitable 2016 season!

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