Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 375 – Judgments and Collections

Judgments and CollectionsSometimes a judgment isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Take, for example, the case of MovieTube where the MPAA has won a $10.5 million judgment, but doesn’t even know who they need to collect it from. There’s also the freed Megaupload employee who, despite being broke, owes some $266 million in restitution. Finally, there’s Giganews, who hasn’t seen a single cent from a $5.6 million judgment they won against Perfect 10.

But there are times where a judgment may be worth something, such as YouTube’s new policy to defend a small number of its users against what it sees as questionable DMCA takedowns, a ruling that potentially puts the ISP Cox on the hook for copyright infringement and the bizarre punishment in the Czech Republic that saw an admitted pirate forced to make a PSA and was required to get 200,000 views on it.

While the core of this week’s episode is about the difference between a judgment and a collection, we do take time to provide other updates on the Kim Dotcom case, the latest on The Pirate Bay and much, much more.

All in all, this is one episode you don’t want to miss. Unless you want us to seek a judgment against you!

This week’s stories include:

  • YouTube Agrees to Back 4 Users Against Takedown Notices
  • Cox Potentially Liable for Copyright Infringement on Its Network
  • Kim Dotcom Extradition Hearing Ends
  • Only Jailed Employee of Megaupload Released
  • MPAA Wins $10.5 Million Judgment Against MovieTube
  • The Pirate Bay Won’t Be Blocked in Sweden
  • Perfect 10 Owes Giganews Millions in Attorneys Fees
  • Chezch Pirate Ordered to Create Viral PSA

You can download the MP3 file here (53:22, direct download). Those interested in subscribing to the show can do so via this feed.

Show Notes


(Note: We disabled our cameras in this episode to try and conserve bandwidth and make the show go smoother)


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