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Patreon LogoAs many of you likely know, Plagiarism Today is rapidly approaching its 10-year anniversary in August. This has caused me, predictably, to spend a great deal of time thinking about the future of the site and how I can make the next ten years better than the first.

As I’ve thought about it, the greatest weakness I’ve seen is time itself. For years now, copyright and plagiarism has been my full time job but that job has been financed completely by my consulting business at CopyByte.

While I feel very fortunate to have my own business and have so many wonderful clients, as the business has demanded more and more attention, I’ve had to put Plagiarism Today on the back burner at times. My obligations to myself and my family to earn a living have to take precedent.

Making Plagiarism Today Self-Sufficient

The way to solve that problem is to try and make Plagiarism Today more financially self-sufficient. However, I don’t want the site to be corporately sponsored (I’ve turned down several such offers), I don’t want it slathered with ads and I don’t want to charge for it. I want this site to be free, impartial and as ad-free as possible.

So I’ve decided to turn to you, the reader, and Patreon for help.

I’ve created a Patreon page for the site and am asking for help to make this site more financially viable.

The way Patreon works is that it is a monthly contribution (or patronage) to the site. That amount can be anything from $3 all the way to whatever you are comfortable with. That money goes to a fund that helps guarantee I can spend the time and attention I need on the site.

Thank You for Your Support

In addition to supporting Plagiarism Today, there are great perks that contributors get to enjoy including access to a members-only Patreon feed, a listing on a special “Thank You” page, contributor-only video chats and much, much more.

To be clear about two things:

  1. Plagiarism Today is Free: This site is free and will remain free. If you can’t contribute or don’t want to contribute, you’ll still be able to read Plagiarism Today without worry.
  2. This is Not the End of Plagiarism Today: If this fails, Plagiarism Today will not die. The only thing that will change is the amount of time I can dedicate to it. More time means more posts and better posts as well as other content.

To be honest, I’m very nervous about this. First, I am loathe to ask for money (perhaps one of the reasons my business has not always been as strong as it could be) and second I honestly don’t know what to expect.

But I can promise this. Even with just a small amount of funding, the amount of time I can spend on this site will go up drastically and that can only mean great things for the site.

So, if Plagiarism Today has helped you and you are able, please consider making a contribution. Every little bit can help and even just a small number of contributors can make a large difference.

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