Relaunching CopyByte

copybyte-logoI’m sorry for the recent drought of posts on Plagiarism Today this past week. Not only have I been away at a conference, but, as we get into late October and work on my haunted house kicks into high gear, posting on Plagiarism Today slows down for a bit as I spend my working hours focused on client work rather than posting here.

But, speaking of client work, I make my living doing copyright and plagiarism consulting through my business, CopyByte. While business has been solid, the CopyByte site itself has been a bit dated and unprofessional

So, after several weeks of work, I’m proud to announce the relaunch of the site.

The site isn’t finished but the fresh coat of paint takes it a long, long way. I’m definitely seeking feedback from anyone who cares to offer it.

Also, if you’re interested in my services, I’d love to speak with you to see if and how I can help. I provide help in detecting plagiarism/copyright infringement, removal of infringing material, public speaking and much more.

This job is how I’m able to spend as much time as I do working on Plagiarism Today and creating this site for free, without paid advertisements. Without it and my clients, Plagiarism Today would never be possible.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and for your support. I look forward to hearing what you have to say and, for some of you, helping you with your copyright and plagiarism related needs.

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