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1: Nadler Drafting Music Copyright Overhaul Bill

First off today, kate Tummarello at The Hill reports that Rep. Jerry Nadler has said that he is working on a “unified bill” to overhaul the music licensing system in the United States.

Rep. Nadler made the comments at a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property hearing on copyright law. The hearing, part of the ongoing review of the nation’s copyright system.

Rep. Nadler said that the current system both favors old technologies over new ones and fails to adequately compensate creators for the use of their music. He also said that he supports the ideas behind two bills, one that would both require services to pay for music recorded pre-1972 and another that allow music licensing organizations to push for higher royalties, but wants to see them packaged in one bill moving forward.

2: LeaseWeb Settles Piracy Hosting Lawsuit with Perfect 10

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that pornographic content provider Perfect 10 has settled their ongoing lawsuit with hosting service LeaseWeb, putting to rest accusations that LeaseWeb enabled pirate websites and ignored calls to remove copyright infringing material.

The lawsuit was filed after Perfect 10 said it tried repeatedly, through Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices, to get infringing content removed from LeaseWeb’s servers. However, LeaseWeb claimed that Perfect 10’s notices didn’t comply with the law and that it was unaware of any broader copyright infringement issue on its servers.

The settlement puts the dispute toy rest though the terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The case was just one of dozens of lawsuits that Perfect 10 has filed including similar lawsuits against companies like Google, Amazon, Rapidshare and more, many of which have been settled out of court.

3: Apple Removing Music Downloading Apps from App Store, Asking Developers to Change Apps

Finally today, Richard Padilla at MacRumors reports that Apple has removed dozens of apps from its App Store that enabled users to download music from third party services such as SoundCloud and YouTube. The developers of the apps have been asked to remove their music downloading capabilities.

Previously, searches for “music download” in the App Store produced dozens of results for apps to easily download music to iPhone and Macs. However, this downloading is often both an infringement of copyright and the terms of service of the third party providers. Now a search for “music download” shows an offer to listen to iTunes Radio, Apple’s own music streaming service.

The move comes after a separate crackdown on apps that incentivize ad watching and social sharing. It also comes just a week after Apple purchased Beats, which includes the music streaming service Beats Music.


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