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1: Fullscreen Settles Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

First off today, Lucas Shaw at The Wrap reports that Fullscreen, the popular YouTube multi-channel network, has settled its lawsuit with the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and has agreed to pay an undisclosed amount.

The NMPA sued Fullscreen several months ago alleging that some of the network’s channels used music licensed by the NMPA without proper clearances.

Fullscreen has now agreed to pay the NMPA royalties for past transgressions. The amount was not disclosed. Also, creators in Fullscreen’s network will have to use YouTube’s agreement with publishers to avoid additional issues. This may impact their members’ ability to monetize videos with music in it.

2: Lil Kim May Be Facing $150K Lawsuit Over Single Artwork

Next up today, Vibe is reporting that musician Lil Kim will likely be facing a $150,000 lawsuit over her alleged infringement of a Canadian artist, Samantha Ravndahl.

In November, Ravendahl accused Lil Kim of using a zombie makeup photo she took as promotional artwork of her “Dead Gal Walking” single. The image appeared on social media and elsewhere but was eventually redesigned before its final release.

Lil Kim has said that she doesn’t know what’s going on with the case and that her team is responsible for the artwork. Nonetheless, Ravendahl has said that she has been unable to secure a settlement from Lil Kim’s camp and has taken on an attorney to file suit shortly.

3: WWE to Launch Online Video Channel

Finally today, Merissa Marr at The Wall Street Journal reports that World Wrestling Entertainment is launching a new online-only network that will be digital only but will feature content 24/7.

The new network, simply named the WWE Network, will launch in February and cost $9.99 per month. It will feature an archive of WWE shows, new original content and, perhaps most interesting to fans, access to all of the WWE’s Pay-Per-View events, including previous ones and new ones live.

Some WWE programming, including their “Raw” and “Smackdown” programs will remain on cable television but will be available on the WWE Network after a period of time. The WWE says they expect the new network to attract between two and four million subscribers before the end of the year.


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