Heading to SXSWi 2014!


sxsw2014-logoEveryone, I just wanted to share the good news that a panel proposed by myself and my good friend Katie Sunstrom has been accepted for SXSWi 2014. This means I will be heading to Austin for March 7-11 next year, though my exact schedule is unclear.

The panel is entitled, “The Grim Reality of Revenge Porn and Defamation“, and it covers the legal realities facing victims of revenge pornography, those who have had nude or sexual images of them posted online against their will. It will touch on the copyright, defamation and other legal issues that arise from revenge porn and what victims of it can do to get the images removed.

While this is a difficult subject to talk about, it’s an important one and that’s why, when Katie mentioned the possibility of doing a presentation on this topic, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

So, I want to thank Katie for inviting me a long, both Patrick O’Keefe and Paul Vogelzang for their support and to all of you who responded to my tweets and posts by voting on and helping the submission get more attention.

I appreciate all of your support and help and I’m looking forward to seeing at least some of you in a few months in Austin!

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  1. Thanks for bringing much needed attention to this despicable practice. Victims lives are devastated by these malicious acts , and the perps need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and/or be castrated.
    Good luck, look forward to the panel!

    • I don’t think Patrick made it yet, but SXSW said they still have more panels to announce so there’s still a chance (and I’d argue a good one as he has a great pitch).

      As far as the castration idea, sadly, the law forbids “cruel and unusual punishment” even when the perpetrator showed no such mercy to the victim…