3 Count: Gloved and Booted

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1: Slingshot Due for Film-Industry Collision

First off today, Tom Pullar-Strecker at Stuff reports that New Zealand ISP Slingshot has launched a new feature that many anticipate could prompt legal action from copyright holders.

The feature, named “Global Mode” disguises a user’s IP address to make them appear that they are from another country, including the United States. This could, in theory, give New Zealand customers access to U.S.-only content including Netflix, YouTube videos and other material not licensed to be viewed New Zealand.

Though no copyright holders have threatened to sue yet, it’s widely anticipated that movie and record studios will want to be protective of their international restrictions. Also, some theorize that those who register for services like Netflix with false information could also be liable for copyright infringement.

2: Movie Producer Looks to Slay ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Lawsuit

Next up today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that Sweetpea Entertainment has already filed a motion for summary judgment in its case with Harsbro over the rumored upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie. The motion comes barely a week after Hasbro filed the lawsuit.

Hasbro, which own the rights to the popular roleplaying game, sued Sweetpea to block the studio from working with Warner Brothers to produce a sequel to its much-maligned first film, released in 2000. According to Hasbro, Sweetpea lost the movie rights to the franchise when it failed to release a sequel timely and Hasbro is claiming the coming film is a copyright infringement.

However, Sweetpea, in its motion, claims that Hasbro was required to file a written notice of the termination an failed to do so. Likewise, Sweetpea claims that Hasbro did not say exactly what in the film, tentatively entitled “Chainmail”, was copyright infringing despite having a copy of the script.

3: YouTube Explains Its Copyright Policy…With Puppets

Finally today, Same Gutelle at Tubefilter writes that YouTube has updated it’s copyright page with a new video explaining the company’s copyright policies. The video stars the puppets from the well-known YouTube comedy channel “Glove and Boots” as they discuss YouTube’s takedown policies, the process for filing a dispute on ContentID matches and more.

The video also features several appearances by YouTube lawyer Fred von Lohmann, who explains the policies to Mario as they’re making their film about YouTube’s copyright policies.

While you’re watching one Glove and Boots video, I would also like to encourage everyone to watch their PSA on Vertical Video Syndrome in hopes that we an stamp out this societal ill…


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