PT Sponsors Plagiarism Education Week

Plagiarism Education Week LogoToday I’m proud to announce that Plagiarism Today is joining The International Center for Academic Integrity and The School for Ethical Education as a sponsor of Plagiarism Education Week. The event will run from April 22-26 and includes an entire week of webcasts and other activities aimed at helping educators promote originality and proper citation to students.

The theme for the event is “Originality Matters” and it’s a coda that’s driven home through the five webcasts that make it up. Those webcasts include:

  1. Monday: Causes of Plagiarism – By Jason Stephens, Educational Psychologist the University of Connecticut. Discusses the root motivations of plagiarism in academia.
  2. Tuesday: Types of Plagiarism – By Renee Swensen, Professor of English at Saddleback College. Discusses the different types and kinds of plagiarism seen in academia.
  3. Wednesday: Responses to Plagiarism – By Lynn Lampert, Chair of Reference & Instructional Services and Coordinator of Information Literacy & Instruction at California State University Northridge. Discusses how instructors should respond to plagiarism when detected.
  4. Thursday: Approaches to Plagiarism – By Teddi Fishman, Director, International Center for Academic Integrity. Discusses how to present a unified message on plagiarism across an institution.
  5. Friday: Originality and Creativity – By Kelly McBride, Senior Faculty, Ethics, Reporting and Writing, Poynter. Discusses how originality and creativity are linked.

In addition to the webcasts, there will be a poster contest for students put on by, with the winner announced on Friday, April 26 during the day’s webcast.

The entire week is organized by Turnitin and you can view the press release for the even there.

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for iThenticate, which is owned by iParadigms, which also owns Turnitin.

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